Deep Blue 2.5mm Camo Wetsuit - Hexskin - 1
Deep Blue 2.5mm Camo Wetsuit - Hexskin - 2
Catching a Tuna with Camouflage Deep Blue Wetsuit
Getting ready to dive with Camouflage Deep Blue Wetsuit

Camouflage Deep Blue 2.5MM 2-Piece Camo Wetsuit

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The new line of HexSkin Deep Blue Camo gear was created by our Team after years of working on developing a perfect pattern for warm water hunting. The HexSkin print is extremely effective at breaking up the silhouette and giving a spear fisherman an added advantage.
The HexSkin Deep Blue Dual Camo is ideal for both Bluewater and Reef hunting.

  • Thickness 2.5mm.
  • 2-Piece wetsuit, with waist high pants and jacket with attached hood.
  • Flatlock stitching.
  • Smooth open cell neoprene.
  • 3.5mm chest loading pad.
  • See through elbow and knee pads.
SIZE Intl Size Weight Height Chest
S 2 125-150 lbs 5'3"-5'8" 34"-38"
M 3 150-175 lbs 5'5"-5'10" 38"-42"
L 4 175-195 lbs 5'8"-6'2" 40"-44"
XL 5 195-215 lbs 5'10"-6'3" 41"-46"
 XXL 6 215-235 lbs 5'11"-6'5" 42"-48"