Our Mission

Helping the Ocean!

As waterman we have seen with our own eyes, our oceans have suffered over the past years. The reefs we have been diving for years have deteriorated, going to the ocean and not seeing plastic is now the exception instead of the norm.

The ocean is where we are happy and so we vowed to do something about it. To protect the place where our fondest memories were born must be as constant as the motion of the waves.

Now the question was how to accomplish our mission. After extensive research we came up with a huge goal! to restore the underwater world to its former glory!

A very bold mission that we cannot undertake alone. We are a small company looking to grow and give back to what made this earth possible H2O.

For now we do this by:

Every year we picking with our customers to help one project that we think is fenomenal and we donate a % of our profits to them to help them on their fight.

What we want to do as we grow:

  1. Establish programs in South Florida to grow coral.
  2. Establish programs to educate future generation.
  3. Create a Fund to invest in projects looking to help our H2O 

With your help you can help us grow and our mission.