4 Spots Perfect for Snorkelling you Probably Don’t Know About

4 Spots Perfect for Snorkelling you Probably Don’t Know About

Planning on your next beach adventure? A lot of you may be wondering right now where to next. No worries! We’ve got you covered as we introduce to you fresh ideas as to where you can be wandering and enjoying the nature through our blogs. In this blog, we’ll take you to six spots perfect for swimming you probably know nothing about. You may decide with your family or friends or significant other to experience the wondrous Caribbean or Mexico Seas to escape the city and just get lost in a secluded area. Here are six spots to consider.

Secret Harbour Beach, St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands

Situated in a peaceful bay on the east of the island, Secret Harbour Beach is one of the lesser known beaches in St. Thomas. You might be missing the beautiful beach when approaching by the sea as it is tucked in a protected cove at Nazareth Bay. Its pristine waters are perfect for swimming, and even snorkelling is also a great activity to do. Snorkelers may explore its rocky coastline on both sides of the bay and enjoy the coral beds where lobsters, reef fish, and other sea creatures live. Kids may also enjoy its amenities, snorkelling, swimming and other water sports.

Playa del Amor, Marietas Islands

If you like more adventures and want to try caving expedition, then Marietas Islands’ Playa del Amor is something you should check out. This “hidden beach” is called so because it is tucked in a wide hole making it invisible from the outside. Pretty cool, right? If you like swimming or dipping and don’t want to get tanned all over your body, then its shady areas are perfect for you. Not only that it offers shady areas, but also sunny ones- just the right balance of the two. One of Mexico’s most remarkable and unique beaches, Playa del Amor also offers you kayaking through

Anse Mamin Beach, St. Lucia

Another snorkelling area you can visit is Anse Mamin Beach in St. Lucia. Tucked around the corner of Anse Chastanet, the beach is a black sand beach which what makes it unique. Being St. Lucia’s best snorkelling spot, a lot of people visit Anse Mamin beach to experience its calm waters as it leads right into a marine reserve. There are a lot of shady areas on the beach which is perfect for families to chill out and take a nap! Its rustic vibe is very much ideal for couples who would want to take a break from the hustling city.

Colombier Beach, St. Barts

St. Barts’ Colombier is worth a try too! Colombier beach is the last beach on the island which makes it a more secluded area. Check out its lovely white sand beach lined with sorts of plants. So, imagine waking up to this beach and feel like it’s your own. The entire bay area is only accessible by walking or boating as a public road does not serve the island. And it’s another snorkelling spot for you which is abundant in orange starfish that can be seen right in the bay!

So, anywhere you plan to visit and experience snorkelling like there’s no tomorrow, what’s important is you enjoy it and the trip itself. Make sure you have your snorkelling gears and the right wetsuit ready for you. Hexskin got it all for you, so check it out!

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