7 Tips to Enjoy Diving in the Cayman Island

7 Tips to Enjoy Diving in the Cayman Island

Are you the adventurous type or do you just love exploring the beach and its wonders? This blog is for you! Sure there are a lot of adventures to try out there. There are food adventures if you’re more of a foodie, camping in the outdoors if you’re more of the outdoorsy, and diving if you’re an ultimate islander. A lot of people today is enjoying the island life, ditching the city and its hustle and bustle and not to mention its long lines of traffic that’s barely even moving. But the islands like the Cayman Island are there, widely open and inviting you to come join the waves and explore its wonders under the sea. In this blog, we’ll fill you in on seven tips to ultimately enjoy diving in the Cayman Island.

Prepare for your getaway. First things first, let’s get to know a little more about the island. Located in the Western Caribbean, northwest of Jamaica and south of Cuba, the island is an easy getaway through nonstop flights. In any adventure sure you need to prepare for it ahead of time. With Cayman Island, you can pack your bags in the morning and be on the beach by the afternoon. Before your much-awaited getaway, remember the following: your certification card, your gears including your Hexskin diving apparels, to listen to dive safety briefings and/or to enroll in a scuba refresher course in case you haven’t been diving for long period of time.

Get to know more of the island. Before diving to its pristine waters, make it a point to know and visit the equally beautiful islands that consist the Cayman Island- the Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Your diving experience is much more fun when you visit all three as they offer equally unique experiences.

Don’t miss the bluff. The highest point in the Cayman Island which is specifically located in the Cayman Brac, The Bluff is only a 30-minute plane ride from Grand Cayman. You will surely enjoy hiking up the bluff, fishing, hunting exotic birds in the mangrove forests, spelunking in spots like Peter’s Cave and Skull Cave and of course the ultimate adventure, diving in the clear breath-taking waters.

Go out of most people’s way. Another way to enjoy your diving experience in the Cayman Island is to explore the secluded and quiet Little Cayman. This place is undeveloped and just extremely natural which only has 200 residents. Imagine waking up to this or getting lost in such place only to enjoy and preserve its beauty. A lot of divers visit the Little Cayman and most of them are headed to one or more diving spots near the island. So, go out of most people’s way and get lost in this beautiful place.

Witness the sunset. After a day of diving, maybe it’s time to relax and just enjoy the view of the island as the sun sets. Watching sunsets on an island while sipping your favorite drink or Cayman Sunset cocktail or devouring your seafood platter is probably one of the best things to do in there. Also, you can be comfortable with your Hexskin swimsuits/scuba suits on the north side of the Grand Cayman which also a perfect spot to witness the sunset.

Be enthralled with amazing sea creatures. A getaway to the Cayman Island is a no ordinary break. Your diving experience isn’t complete without swimming and feeding stingrays at Grand Cayman’s Stingray City. Another attraction for divers is the Sandbar where you can snorkel. So, ready to meet new friends under water?

Dive in. The ultimate reason why you came to visit the Cayman Island is diving. So when you get there, don’t hesitate, just dive! It’s sure that the island offers equally amazing activities and attractions to enjoy. Famous for its sheer walls and drop-offs, the island will surely ignite the adrenaline-junkie in you. Little Cayman welcomes you to its Bloody Bay Marine Park which was described as the world’s best diving spot. Yes, pretty incredible, right?

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