Best Gears Every Water Kayaker Must Have

Best Gears Every Water Kayaker Must Have

Kayaking – a high-speed adventure on rough waters or, a calm and peaceful sightseeing vacation. Whichever you prefer, it is worth to embark on this adventure. To ensure a wonderful experience, it is best to come prepared. Here are gears that you might want to consider:

  1. Kayak – Of course it’d be hard to go kayaking without one. However, a lot of factors should be considered in choosing your kayak. The kayak for you will depend on the number of people and the activity. If you are planning a family outing for sightseeing, then a basic kayak with multiple paddlers would do the job. But if you are looking for more speed and long-distance travels then you’d need to shop for a more touring kayak.


  1. Paddle – What good is there to have a kayak and not have a paddle? Sure, your hands might do the job but it won’t get you far. This will help propel you through the water. Look for one that works with the kayak you purchased.


  1. Kayak Seat – Some people prefer a kayak seat to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. The seat will provide back support as it can be rather tiring to be out in the water for long hours without having to properly rest your back. So if you are big on ergonomics, I suggest you bring this as well.


  1. Personal Flotation Device – You may an expert swimmer but a personal flotation device always comes in handy. You know what they say. Better safe than sorry. When choosing your safety gear, it is best to choose one that has US Coast Guard certification.


  1. Shoes – Shoes may seem like an insignificant thing to worry about but trust this, you don’t want to your feet to feel like they’re stuck in cement for many hours while kayaking. This water adventure can get your feet really drenched and you want to be as comfortable as possible. So choose one that protects your feet and provides warmth.


  1. Cooler – This is especially important if you are going fishing too. You can use it to store all the hard earned fish for the day. Choose one that can keep its contents cool for at most 24 hours. Bring one that both durable and portable.


  1. Dry Bag – You wouldn’t want to miss taking a photo of a picture perfect scene right? So there has to be a place where you can keep your camera, phone, GPS, compass and all the other necessary gadgets that you don’t want to get wet.


  1. Roof Rack – If you are looking to transport your kayak via car then you will need to purchase a roof rack. Make sure the one you buy is secure, stable and padded. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to your kayak while you are driving in a messy road. Also, choose one that doesn’t take a lot of space so that you still have room for other stuff that you might want to store on the roof as well.


  1. Kayak Cart – Unless you have a really strong build and can transport the kayak without a cart, then there’s no need for one. However, the chances for that are very unlikely. But if you insist, you might want to think about saving all that energy for the kayaking activity as well. So go ahead and shop for a cart now.


  1. Standard Rescue Throw bag – from the name itself, you will need this in a rescue emergency. Some of those kayaking with you might need a line to help pull them from the water. You want one that’s easy to deploy.

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