Best Places to go Paddle Boarding!

Best Places to go Paddle Boarding!

Check it out! We’ve been providing you a list of the best places to go snorkeling, diving, and kayaking, but we haven’t shared some of the most scenic beauties best experienced through paddle boarding. Paddleboarding is increasing in popularity among water sports. It isn’t like the rush in white water rafting but its overall calming experience is enough to compete in the scoreboard!

1) Lake Tahoe, California

Yes! By all means, go paddle boarding in Lake Tahoe. It’s in every paddle boarder’s list of places to visit. In fact, there are plenty of paddle boarding events in this place. Its clear blue waters will leave you feeling refreshed and inspired. It goes seventy feet deep that allows you a scenic view of the beautiful marine life.


 2) Colorado River, Texas

The Lower Colorado River lies in the southeast part of Austin, Texas. It too is a beautiful spot for paddle boarding filled with underwater wildlife. It is a place of tranquillity and serenity. It will be easy to enjoy the nature that surrounds you. It has grown in popularity over the years with paddle boarders.


 3) Lake Powell, Arizona

It’s the second largest man-made lake in U.S. The red rock canyons, caves and inlets will amaze you! You will never be bothered with any part of the trip. Its clear blue water is anything but ordinary. It’s popular not only with paddle boarders but also with kayakers and boaters. It’s also famous for scenes from Planet of the Apes and Gravity.


 4) Monterey, California

It’s best to come here during May to October.  Depending on where you camp, it’s is filled with plenty of options for amazing places to go paddle boarding. It is home to famous seascapes in California. You won’t miss on photos because there’s a lot of scenic attractions enough to fill your memory card.


 5) Hood River, Oregon

This is best during the summertime! It’s also known as the windsurfing capital of the world. However, it’s also become an attraction for most paddle boarders. You’ll be able to see snow-covered tips of Mount Hood. The surrounding environment makes it almost possible to commune with nature.



So what are you waiting for? Head on over to these famous destinations and experience the time of your life! Stand Up paddle boarding will take a whole new meaning in these places and you’ll surely love doing it more!


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