Best Places to go Rafting

Best Places to go Rafting

One of the most exhilarating water adventures – rafting. It’s an ear pounding, heart racing journey that weaves through the scenic beauties in nature. The thrill of a lifetime that gets adrenaline pumping through the body. There are plenty of places to go rafting and the following are one of the best ones. They are arranged in no particular order.

  1. Gauley River

Who says rafting is all in the west? The river is 35 miles long in West Virginia, home to hundreds of rapids that are difficult to navigate and awe-striking landscapes. If adrenaline is what we’re talking about then this is where we’re headed.


  1. Salmon River

Idaho isn’t known only for its potatoes. It’s known to have one of the best places for rafting – Salmon River. It can go up to 75000 cubic feet per second maximum. The middle fork is famous to experienced rafters. It is home to six natural hot springs and three hundred rapids.


  1. Colorado River

The Grand Canyon should be on everyone’s bucket list. Rafting explores a whole new way to appreciate its majesty. There are plenty of rafting companies operating there since the river is quite difficult to weave through.


  1. Rogue River

In the south-western side of Oregon lies the 215 mile Rogue River. It covers cascading mountains down to the ocean of the Pacific. The river offers not just scenic beauties of nature but wildlife wonders as well. The rapids there are challenging enough for those who are adrenaline junkies.


  1. Merced River

It’s known for the rapids that come from the melting snowfall. Considered to be one of the best rafting spots for many years now. The surrounding environment is strikingly beautiful as. The surrounding green forestry is enjoyable enough when paddlers are not occupied by the rapids.

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