Dreamy Kitesurfing: El Yaque, Margarita Island

Dreamy Kitesurfing: El Yaque, Margarita Island

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If you're looking for a new sweet spot to practice kitesurfing, I have just the place for you! Near Margarita International Airport, El Yaque is the dream spot for many kitesurfers around the world.

Internationally renowned as one of the best Kitesurfing spots in the world, El Yaque is a beach located in Margarita Island in Venezuela, at merely 5 minutes from the island international airport.

The trade winds blow steadily at 15 to 30 knots during most of the year, and the shallow sea extends south of the beach for several hundred meters.

Like many beaches on the Caribbean, the water is between 21°-27 °C, warm enough to allow windsurfing for hours wearing just a swimsuit or a bikini.

This great spot is particularly popular amongst Europeans, but it receives visitors from all over the world all year round!

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