For starters: How to Start with Scuba Diving

For starters: How to Start with Scuba Diving

One of the most outstanding water sports or activities to try is the scuba diving. In fact, it has a worldwide audience, and people just love it without any doubt especially those adventurous ones. But whether you want to ignite the adventurous side of you or you want to learn a new water sport aside from swimming, scuba diving is something worth trying. In this blog, you will learn how to start with it and learn to love it.

Meet the physical pre-requisites. With technology’s constant advancement in training, equipment, and even medicine, people of all ages, sizes, and shape can easily and safely learn how to dive. If you’re a more active person who is keen on having a basic level of physical fitness and can become comfortable in the water, you have the potential to scuba dive. However, there are a few medical conditions which make it inadvisable for a person to perform scuba diving. To make sure, ensure to read the dive medical questionnaire or be aware of the fitness for diving before you enroll in a scuba diving course.

Enroll in a scuba diving course. Enrolling in a scuba diving course really makes a difference. There may be risks in this water sports (well almost all sports), but you can effectively manage these risks when you learn to check and use your gear properly and also follow safe diving guidelines. Many scuba diving courses are available you can take in order to explore the underwater world as safely as possible. You may find scuba diving centers that offer everything like what they often call “try dives,” wherein interested people can show up randomly and try scuba diving in a pool without commitment (just yet). There are open water courses too which certify a diver for good. You just have to make your choice.

Rent a dive gear. Considering that scuba diving is an equipment-dependent water sport, hence the need for a full set of properly fitting and well-maintained scuba gear before you start the sport. While you may think it’s practical to get your own complete set of scuba gear, most scuba diving courses include rental gear which also depends on the price of the course. Some divers do otherwise by renting gear and purchasing only personal items like masks, fins, and wetsuits. There are quite a handful of advantages too if you own your dive gear because you can be sure of its function, fit, and maintenance.

Learn a dive theory or two. There are possible things that you didn’t expect to affect you environmentally when plunging into the underwater. Therefore you need to understand how the sport will affect your body as well as your gear before you start diving. These things may have something to do with: pressure, buoyancy, ear equalization, nitrogen absorption, etc.

Practice easy skills with your instructor. In learning how to dive, you need the mastery of skills like clearing water from your scuba mask and regulator and many more. Hence, the need to seek a certified scuba instructor to help you learn the skills, problem management, and underwater communication.

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