Kitesurfing like a Pro: Start with these awesome tips

Kitesurfing like a Pro: Start with these awesome tips



What's up, dudes?

You know I love Kitesurfing, and I'm sure as hell you love it too! So today I wanna talk to you about this amazing water sport. 

There’s nothing like riding across the water and jumping really high while you propel through the sea at high speed. It’s kinda like if skateboarding and surf had a baby. A really awesome, rad and adrenaline-inducing baby.

That being said, it’s not a sport you can totally master on the first try, and it has its kinks, so without further ado, your bro Dave presents you some awesome tips for you to start kicking ass:

  • Be a competent swimmer: This one should be fairly obvious, but you should at least be comfortable swimming in open water, so learning to swim is a must.
  • Fitness level: You don’t really need to be super fit or strong to kitesurf, because the equipment is really lightweight. However, a general level of fitness will be helpful to make you progress faster and give you more stamina.
  • Take some lessons: Any kitesurfer who respects the sport will agree that beginner lessons are essential. A good instructor will help you understand essential know-how and procedures. Don’t neglect this aspect.
  • Choosing an instructor: An instructor with lots of pre- and post-qualification experience is in a better position to coach you safely and successfully.
  • Amount of lessons: Around 10 or 12 hours should suffice for most people. Some may need more, tho.
  • Choosing your gear: Buying an older board is fine, but the rule of thumb is that newer is better when it comes to kites, bars, and lines.
  • For your first lesson: Try to relax and feel the wind and kite. Don’t be tense, let it flow and you’ll be cruising the waves in no time!



So there you go! A compendium of the most basic tips you’ll need when starting this adventure! As always, try to have fun! 

Be seeing you on the beach, dude! 

 Your bro,Dave

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