Paddle board the right way!

Paddle board the right way!

Paddleboarding is slowly rising to the surface of famous water sports. It brings beauty and excitement in touring different places. It can be a rush and thrill at the same time, a calm and easy experience. All that’s common is it allows you to see and feel nature in a whole different way.

If you are new to paddle boarding, check out these easy steps to get you going the right way!


Stand up paddle boarding doesn’t happen in one go. Once you reach the knee deep in water, get on the middle of the board in kneeling position. Stabilize the board by holding it in either side. One at a time place your feet directly where your knees used to be. Don’t stand up immediately! Instead, raise your chest and move to a standing position.

Stay on the board:

In order to keep yourself on the board, first of all, AVOID STARING AT YOUR FEET! This is a common mistake for most beginners. Instead keep your eye level ahead of you. Keep your feet parallel to each other and parallel to your waist. Your knees must be slightly bent and your back straight.

Hold the paddle properly:

Tilt the blades toward your body to help you get more water. Make sure you are able to make a 90-degree angle with your elbow and you are only able to do that by making sure your hands are apart from each other while holding the handle. This can often cause you to have sore arm muscles so twist your torso to get more strength from there instead of your arms. Remember to put in into the water and out towards your feet then back in again.

Falling from the board:

It’s quite common for beginners to often fall from their boards. Even experts do plenty of times! That’s why the tie in your ankle comes in handy so you are not separated to your board. Now, to get back on your board. Place yourself on the side of the board and reach for the handle in the middle of it. Bring your legs to the surface of the water then kick your legs into the board while gripping the handle so you are able to easily place yourself on the board again.

Practice these tips and we hope you have the most wonderful paddle boarding experience!

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