Paddle Boarding Essentials to Bring With You

Paddle Boarding Essentials to Bring With You

Going paddle boarding? Make sure you’ve prepped all the necessary equipment! The good news is that there aren’t that many gears compared to other boating activities. Here is a list of things you might want to check before you head out the water.


  1. Stand Up Paddle Board (SUP) and paddle –

Obviously, you can’t go paddling without this one. This requires sufficient research to find a paddle board that best suits you. There are rigid and inflatable SUP boards. Take a look at your budget too! There are plenty of paddle boards and paddles that are efficient but doesn’t cost as much too.


  1. SUP Leash –

This is perfectly useful in case you fall off the water. It keeps your paddleboard fastened to you. Depending on what you like, there are different designs to this leash. Some can be attached to your ankle while others can be attached to your calf. Consider as well the length that you want. This is essential for your safety and the security of your equipment.


  1. Personal Flotation Device –

From the name itself, this will help keep you afloat in water. This item is not optional because U.S. Coast Guard requires it. It is for your safety and enjoyment. Every water sport needs this because there will always be dangers and risks somewhere.


  1. Head Lamps –

This is quite necessary especially if plan to go night paddling. However, this isn’t just useful in water. It also helps you when you are trying to transport your paddle board from and back to the vehicle at night. It also comes in handy during an emergency situation.


  1. Dry Bag –

This is what you use to keep all the other necessary stuff to ring with you such as your phone, camera, water bottles, sunscreen and many more. These items have been kept from the list because these are just optional and may differ according to your preference. However, whatever it is you might decide to bring, you would like to keep them dry and safe with this.


There aren’t much items needed for paddle boarding. Unlike other water sports, this is a more calming and relaxing experience in the water. Just make sure you at least have the main essentials as listed above. Have a good one!

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