Scuba Diving Tips you should take to heart!

Scuba Diving Tips you should take to heart!

Scuba Diving is by far the best way to explore the underwater world. Nothing is quite like immersing oneself and communing with the creatures of the deep. With that, we all know there are some risks that come to this life adventure. So, to get you fellow divers equipped, we put together a list of tips to ensure you have the best scuba experience in every dive!


1) You can never check too many times!

Do you have all the equipment you need? Or did you forget something? Is your belt still in place? Or are the buckles starting to loosen? Does the air gauge work as it’s supposed to? Or does it have jumpy needles? You see, it’s never too late to check on these sorts of things. A successful dive comes from a good load of preparation before the actual dive.


2) Always have a diving buddy!

It’s not so cool to dive alone when your number one priority is safety. Remember that it only takes a couple of minutes before you die once you blackout. So be sure to dive with someone who can immediately snap you out of the situation. One of the skills that you learn in scuba diving lessons is rescuing fellow divers.


3) Buoyancy Control

Use your lungs, not your buoyancy compensator! By managing the air you hold in your lungs, you don’t disturb the correct inflation of your buoyancy compensator. Relax and don’t fret with your hand as this can cause an upward thrust. Plus, it makes all the pretty fish that you came for swim away!


4) Practice losing the regulator

Regulators can easily get knocked out of your mouth and can immediately cause one to stress and panic. In scuba diving lessons, you will be taught how to easily recover your regulator. So, practice reaching for your lower back to get it until you master this technique!


5) Reduce Air Consumption.

Drop some pounds. Not literally though! Pretty sure there are some things you can just dive without. The formula is simple. The lesser the weight, the lesser the air consumption. Also, move slowly. When you swim too fast, you lose too much energy and all that air goes to waste. Lastly, pause after inhaling not by closing your throat but by holding it in your chest.


6) Know Your Limits

In order to succeed in the dive, you need to come back alive. So know your limits. If you feel like you need a pause, need to address any other certain issues then don’t hesitate to do so. Check out the places where you dive and research thoroughly. If you don’t feel safe around that area then don’t go deep.


So remember these tips and make sure you use them. Scuba diving adventures are always worth the preparation and practice you give it. So invest on these skills and techniques and have dive of your life!

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