Skills and techniques for Spearfishing

Skills and techniques for Spearfishing

Hi there, fellow hunter!

Are you on for some spearfishing? How long have you been doing this? Well, novice or expert these skills and techniques deserve your attention to get the most out of spearfishing.


1) Diving

It’s a given right? You can’t go spearfishing unless you actually know how to free dive. There’s more it than being able to hold your breath. In fact, diving involves knowing how to rescue a fellow diver. You see, it’s just as important to have a diving buddy with you. Once you blackout, you’re only a couple of minutes away from being dead.


2) Research

The skills in spearfishing aren’t just muscle. It takes some brain work too. A thorough research must be conducted as to where and when you’re going to make the dive. If you’re new to this best to steer clear from difficult terrain with rough waters and strong currents. Of course – not saying you need to memorize – familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the area to keep away from hefty cases with authorities.


3) Identifying Fish

Unlike humans, fishes don’t have identification cards hung in their necks, and you most certainly can’t ask a fish its name. So you really have to be familiar with the kinds of fishes that are available in the area you’re going. The moment the spear goes through the fish, there’s no turning it back. So if you don’t know what kind of fish you hit, you can only hope it isn’t poisonous!


4) Small(ing)

In other words, you have to make yourself look small. It’s quite hard to catch fish when they’re constantly swimming away from you! One of the reasons is that you aren’t quite stealth with your movements. The bigger you look, the more the fish is screaming in its head something like, “Shaaark!” This includes your aim – Aim small, miss small!


Remember these are just the most basic techniques and skills that will come in handy when spearfishing. Over the time as you gain more experience, you’ll learn plenty more. Learn from mistakes and always keep safe so you actually have time to make up for those mistakes! Good luck hunting!


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