Spearfishing in Cape Verde: Variety in all its Splendor

Hey dudes! How’s it going today?

Look, bro, I just got back from Africa, and I had a really great time in this place called Cape Verde! I mean, it’s a freaking awesome location to go for spearos like you and me!

Get your Portuguese on point and come check out this awesome archipelago. It has two more islands than Hawaii and it’s really a dream come true. You can find reef fish all year round and find species like marlins, cubera snappers, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, almaco jacks, wahoo, and the list just keeps going!

Wahoo hunting is the real challenge here because these fellas can swim up to a speed of 60mph making them one of the fastest fishes on the sea. Prove yourself a worthy hunter and get this beauty there.

Adventure is waiting for you, bro!

Your bro, 


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