The Pros and Cons of Island Living

The Pros and Cons of Island Living

Are you in need of self-seclusion away from the city’s noise and heat? Different things might be on your mind right now. If you’ll leave the urban life in exchange for a more serene rural setting, can you ever handle that far?

Consider yourself living on an island, possessing simpler things with harder means of earning money with no adequate service you need to fulfill your everyday needs.

Do you have what it takes to live with it or not?

Let’s find out!

Starting with:


THE CONS of island living…

Lack of medical attention. There is only a little number of clinics in town that can handle minor medical examinations and procedures such as IV drips, x-rays, and basic wound treatments. For major health operations, you can go straight to an hour – long ride straight to the island capital, if not, fly or sail back to the nearest city far away from the island which can accommodate better medical care.

Limited access to products and services. Most products and services are only present in cities and capitals. Having to purchase those can be a hard experience, so you need to live with it! Adopt and adapt I mean.

Lack of infrastructure. Poor phone signal, slow internet connection, undeveloped roads, regular brownouts, etc. These are just number of things that you will experience, once you’re now on the island. 

Sultry weather. Unforeseen weather? You must need to adjust with the island’s hot and humid climate condition. You can easily adjust with the island’s weather, but how’s your skin?

Insect bites, and wild species. Also, you must keep an eye on some mosquitoes, snakes, jellyfishes, ants, bees, unknown bugs, etc. You may not know some can be poisonous, so be careful not to be bitten or stung.

You know, not all are always negative there are still some pretty things present living in a beautiful paradise.


THE PROS of island living…

Nature appreciation. You can really appreciate nature in its entirety from the island’s beautiful sceneries, the cool sea breeze, and quiet surroundings. You can easily treat yourself to relax and meditate for some time.

Slow-paced time. The island’s time speed is much slower than you’d ever think. It is much different with city’s fast-paced life, keeping up with deadlines, schedules, job tasks. In the island you can have more time with your family, meet a lot of people and create relationships.

You are known to everyone. You can be your town’s celebrity. Living on an island is like living in a small town. You can’t walk down into the street without running into multiple people we know, compared to the city. Indeed, this is one the biggest changes that you may encounter.

You can buy less and budget more. With the island’s limited source of products and services, you can purchase less. This might be inconvenient for you, but in the long run, you can adjust with the changes and can appreciate everything for sure.

 New culture, a new way of living. In knowing the new circle of friend and acquaintances, you are slowly immersing into their culture. Trying to appreciate the other side of your life, letting yourself appreciate valuable things than ever, big or small.



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