Top Benefits you get when Spearfishing

Top Benefits you get when Spearfishing

For centuries, spearfishing has been a custom from the earliest civilizations to catch fish using sharpened metals or wood. Although spearfishing has evolved over the years in using better gears, the concept remains the same. The skill set includes diving – free diving, scuba diving or snorkeling. Although there is considerably less catch, there are great benefits in engaging in this activity. The following is a list of those benefits:


  1. Environmentally-friendly

Aside from the fact that there is considerably less catch, making it more ecologically safer; it does not require plenty of tools and gears that may be harmful to the environment. If we get down to it, it feels almost primal. Catching fish just like the forefathers did in their time.


  1. Fresh Catch

Just like every other fishing ways, spear fishing brings you fresh fish. Unlike throwing a line to the river and simply waiting for a fish to take the bait then realizing later that the tug on the line was but a tiny fish and even no fish at all; spearfishing gets the fisher down the water to choose the fish him or herself. It won’t be disappointing. It’s sure to be fish.


  1. Ergonomically better

Fishing can take minutes if you are lucky but it mostly takes more than that. Spearfishing calls fishermen to be proactive. Instead of just sitting there, fuddling with the equipment and eating sandwiches, they need to get out and dive for it. It helps one become physically active and fit.


  1. Relaxing recreation

Spearfishing may sound real strenuous and it can be the first couple of times. However, once fishers get the hang of it, they will realize the relaxation it brings – deep in the water, concentration focused only on one thing. It’s all between you and the ocean. Nothing else matters.


  1. Self-Discipline

From the above-listed benefits, it may seem like all one has to do is a jump in the water, dive, look for a fish and it’s a sure thing. They go home with their catch and life is good. But no. It also takes an amount of discipline. Body language along with other factors don’t go unnoticed by the fish. One has to be patient, stealth and resilient. However, the catch isn’t as rewarding as the feeling of having disciplined oneself in order to catch a fish.


There are plenty more benefits from spearfishing. However, the activity must be done for one to appreciate it in its entirety. So we can only hope that after reading this post, people might want to try it for themselves!

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